Brook Trout Holiday Sale! 25% off at $3/lb through January 31st
Need healthy trout for your lake, stream or pond?

We offer a regional Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Brook trout stocking service in
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.
Our farm is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Brevard, NC
on the pristine headwaters of the French Broad River.
Rapid flowing crystal clear water assures the production of the highest quality trout.
We raise large quantities of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) on a year-round basis.

Fingerlings 5-12" $0.15 per inch
Stockers 12-16 " $2.25 per lb.
Red Rainbow 2 lb. and up $2.50 per lb.
Fingerlings 8-12" $0.27 per inch
Stockers 1 lb. and up $4.00 per lb.
Brown trout available for stocking in fingerling sizes. Taking advance orders now.
Brook trout available for stocking in fingerling and 1 lb.+ sizes. Taking advance orders now.
*Pricing based on sizes available at time of delivery. Please contact us for a quote.

Delivery fee: $1.50/loaded mile + $25/hr stocking fee (> 15 minutes)
Minimum delivery order is $300.00 of any size/type of trout
400 lb. and 800 lb. Live Haul Capability

*Please note, scheduling can require anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on the season.
To ensure your desired delivery date, please call 2 or 3 weeks in advance.

Farm pick-up orders by appointment, please call or email to schedule
Check or cash payment accepted

FEED FOR SALE: (5 bag limit per fish order)

$40.00 per 50 lb bag (white) - 5.5 mm or 3.0 mm 45% Protein/19% Fat (Floating)
$40.00 per 44 lb bag (pink MPD) – 5.0 mm 42% Protein/16% Fat (Floating)


Tested Whirling Disease Free on 04/27/2016
All fingerlings are injection vaccinated at the hatchery to insure disease
resistance and superior quality
Water source is pristine fast flowing creek from 1,000 acre watershed
within protected state forest


To request a quote or place an order, or for more information, please Contact Us:

Phone: 828-884-2050

Email: moc.wobniarkcots@redro

Cantrell Creek Trout Farm LLC
Location: Brevard, North Carolina
Member: U.S. Trout Farmers Association

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Established 1993